We’ve gone ahead and done it

It was just a matter of time. Our reserves of alpaca socks were running low. We needed more, fast. To top it off, Professor Bitcorn’s prediction did not come to fruition, and the world did not come to a grinding halt. The moon, although still out of grasp, had aligned just perfectly so.

More seriously though, we’re extremely excited to join a thriving ecosystem of thousands of businesses which are currently accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Some of them are dealing exclusively in the crypto-currency, and we hope that by accepting Bitcoin, we can help with their online marketing and presence needs.

But wait, there’s more

To sweeten the deal, we’re giving all of our clients wishing to use Bitcoin a 10% discount on any of our packages.

So take the plunge, Contact Us and let us know what we can do for you. Don’t forget to mention you’d like to use Bitcoin to pay!