Our pitch is simple. We can help you succeed online, while saving you time and money.

Zoom Junction puts together a wide range of effective tools and services into easy to understand and competitively priced packages. By streamlining what is traditionally a layered approach, involving multiple companies and employees, we can offset the time investment you make in managing and maintaining your online presence and marketing. And, because of our full-service approach, the need for additional outsourced or in-house labour is not required.


why zoom junction

Our Approach

When you join Zoom Junction, the first and foremost step we take is to get to know you. We’ll put together a 50-point analysis of your current online presence that shows you the areas we’ve identified as needing improvement. A detailed company overview and profile will be completed, setting the stakes for our future strategies and initiatives. We know every business is different, and we’ll want to know as much as we can about yours.

Simplified Communication

You will be assigned a dedicated marketing manager whose job is to communicate with you on an ongoing basis. They will give you an overview of your progress and explain what our analytics data is telling us. They will also work together with you to decide on which initiatives and campaigns to implement. They handle all of the strategizing, micro-management, discussions and meetings – so you don’t have to. Think of it like having an in-house marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Building a Roadmap

You can expect our first three months together to be focused on building the foundation of a strong online presence. We will target three key areas during this period: building your website SEO, strengthening your brand identity, and increasing your online presence and saturation. Once this period is complete, we will assess and discuss with you the initiatives that would work best for you. Our core focus on client engagement, social media, SEO growth and analytics collection will provide the backbone for successful campaign initiatives.