WordPress is the easiest and strongest blogging and website content management system that is out today.

WordPress is a free system with a robust community. It’s being continuously worked on, allowing for updated forms of it to run on all different platforms. What are these platforms? Well, websites that use WordPress are mobile friendly, tablet friendly and desktop friendly. If you were using WordPress as the framework for your e-commerce store, then having all those options only help your business.

The WordPress Community

The community behind WordPress is one of the better communities you can find on the internet as people openly help each other out. Instead of finding a bunch of people telling each other expletives, there are more than enough people who will consult you of your problem. Their forum is easy to navigate and all it takes is for you to sign up to create a user name. I have used that very forum myself to solve some issues I had about my own WordPress website.

Updates and Plugins

Since WordPress is part of a really big community, it receives a ton of attention. There are constant updates being made to make it SEO friendly. These updates are made for everyone and they are shown to you when you log in into your admin page. All you have to do is apply the update.

The accessibility in WordPress allows you to be able to customize how the website looks easily through coding or the use of themes. There is an insane amount of themes available to you. You can choose free themes or purchase your own. If you want to have a photography website, you can choose a theme that would be similar to that of a portfolio. If you want to run a magazine type website, you can choose that style from the themes.

If you are worried about not having any tools to help you, there are more than enough widgets and plugins to have you covered. A widget is a small block that performs a specific function. So let’s say you want to collect emails to update your web visitors of a new product you created. You can insert an e-mail newsletter which allows your web visitors to be updated when you have a new post or product.

It’s A Big Deal

WordPress has become an universal tool that has a very strong presence all over the web. Some of these websites are Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, and even Ebay. I mean with all the options and possibilities that come with WordPress, it is insanely hard to resist. There is so much functionality, it’s free and has immense customization. The community behind WordPress is the best in the world which are open to new members who use it. It has gained an immense reputation for good reason.