Here is a good infographic that shows how important good website design can be for your business. With all of the options for brands, for building a website, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your business website not only looks good but is easy to use, full of robust information, with a clear understanding of business objectives.

Why Good Website Design Matters For Your Business

#1 Your Website Reflects Your Business

In many cases, your business’ website is the first time a user with have contact with your business. That first impression can determine whether or not that potential client is going to trust you with their money. If your website looks like it was thrown together with some string and bandages, that is how your visitors will see your business.

#2 Good Design Isn’t Just Skin Deep

A really well designed website is a lot more than just “good looking.” A really well designed website considers, but not limited too; SEO, conversion, lateral growth channels, social media, satisfying business objectives, search engine visibility, information architecture, easy navigation, clear points of contact, etc.

Your website needs to be able to grow with your business. You should never consider your website as a finished project, we treat website launches as just the beginning. Which is funny, as websites can take quite a long time and dedication, but that’s when the real work begins.

#3 Your Website’s Design Will Influence Conversion Rates

There is a lot of work that goes into defining and increasing conversions on a website. Website design affects conversion rates, remember that your website has to be able to convince someone to trust your business. Trust begins the second that they land on your site, good or bad.

#4 Good Design Also Means Making Your User Comfortable

This point really needs and asterisk beside it, there are lots of examples of designs and website design that bucks this, but in reality the WWW bucks this right back.

Make your visitors feel comfortable. A lot of the time website design is like a pair of denim jeans, reliable, sturdy and comfortable. And like a good pair of jeans a website needs to be able to fit and have a user working, walking and disco dancing (or whatever it is that they do on your website). Comfortable website design means that there should be a very low learning curve to your website. This will affect they way that people navigate your website, scroll, read, click, etc. And in most cases you want the user to be able to instantly and instinctively know how to traverse your website. That means icons, how do you contact or pay or get more information. You need to know that your website design isn’t an obstacle in your sales process.

Here is when we get to the asterisk, there are a lot of exceptional websites that don’t follow this point, and we are also guilty of as well. When you choose to go against the grain you have to weigh business goals, and in some cases the business goal is “to be different.” But consider the websites that you use everyday: Logo in the top left? is the Sign In or Cart button in the top right?

Source: Change Sciences

Infographic of the importance of good website design