Because a call-to-action isn’t just a button

A business website in today’s world is more than just a place where someone can learn about what you do and where to find you. It’s usually the first place that someone will find out about your business through a search engine, or as a second stop from a directory or location based search. It’s also where, if done properly, you can begin the process of actually acquiring, or converting, new clients and customers.

Every business converts differently, depending on their services, products and even on their location. While the tools and methods used may remain the same, making sure your business website is using the right ones for the right job is key to your success online. Conversion optimization is the process of testing, analyzing and improving the way your website converts potential leads.

Merely placing a contact form or a click-to-call link is just simply not enough. You must consider the positioning of your CTA’s, and how you encourage the user to convert – through written copy or images – in order to find out what works best. It’s also crucial to implement detailed event and conversion tracking analytics in order to better analyze, learn from and improve on your efforts.

Our approach to conversion optimization covers all of the above. We first begin by looking at how your existing site structure affects your conversion performance, by analyzing your user flow and integrating detailed event tracking. From this data, we can then identify issues that may be present in how your site and CTA’s are structured, and work with you to address them. Finally, we perform ongoing A / B comparative testing and continue to track performance in order to make sure that our conversion implementations are performing as they should be.