Lay claim to your online properties

Your Dedicated Marketing Manager will work with you to decide on which Social Media platforms can offer your business the best type of engagement and impact. Once decided, we claim social media profiles across the board, and brand the ones we plan on being active on with a consistent, professional theme and design that reflects your business, its products or services. If you already have Social Media accounts, we will integrate them into your portfolio and brand them to match the design of all the others.

Choosing the right method of communicating with your users will make the difference in how effective your engagement is. It will also give you the advantage of using the platform to dynamically shape your user engagement strategy. By having a consistent branding design through all of your claimed platforms, you will be presenting a professional and strong brand image that users can begin to remember and identify with on a daily basis.

We consider Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to be foundational Social Media platforms, and as such all of our clients will have these platforms claimed. Additionally, depending on the area of services or products you provide, we will recommend claiming profiles on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, tumblr, Flickr, Vine and more. Each of these additional platforms can provide additional advantages in how your engage your users, and our knowledgeable Marketing Managers can help you understand what factors to consider when making your selection.

Finally, we will also be claiming your profile on industry specific Social Media platforms, where possible, that are relevant to your business. This is often an over-looked aspect of establishing a strong online presence. Industry focused platforms are an excellent way of building your brand and establishing new contacts within your area of expertise.