Is It Time For You To Get Social?

We live in the age of digital commerce. Customers shop online websites and social media to find the best deals and promotions. Rarely does anyone pay full price for anything they buy; as a result, stores are closing due to lack of sales. While not every business or customer may have jumped on the social media bandwagon yet, there are benefits to this digital trend.

Social Insights

Social media can help a small business identify its buyers. Facebook Insights, for instance, helps small businesses identify a customers by their demographic. This includes identifying the idealistic customer by their age and their gender. This knowledge empowers the business to create stronger call-to-action campaigns. Armed with this information, they can target their perfect buyer and stop advertising to those whom do not have any interest in their company.

Stay Social Get Feedback

Another benefit to social media is that it helps businesses receive feedback. Associates of the business receive negative and positive feedback on everything they post to social media. Instantly companies can know whether or not their product is a success. They also have the upper hand in asking their audience which products they would find most useful. On the flip side, companies may look to this feedback as an online focus group to compare to sales and trends.

Use Social Media To Boost Your Website Traffic

Social media has the potential to increase website traffic of a business. It may also increase their ranking within popular search engines. People have the option to share your content with people they are connected with on a particular social network. On news apps such as FlipBoard, users can share content to Twitter and Facebook. These could account to hundreds of extra people that see content which helps sales trends.

Social Media Can Keep Your Up-To-Date With Your Competition

Social networks can be a way to connect with competitors. Small businesses can see what they’re up against and what they need to do to improve their products. The days are gone where employees sit in cubicles eight hours a day; in fact, most work from home. This gives them the option to connect with customers, engaging with them on a more personal and intimate level. They might be able to conduct more webinars or answer customer questions in half the time.

Social Media To Build Thought Leadership

Businesses need to realize that social media is the future. They need to adopt new leadership methods in order to draw in more clients to their products. Fewer people today are listening to the radio, watching television or reading print publications than every before. Rather, social networks sell and push content to readers that they wouldn’t otherwise find. As a result, this content needs to be responsive and stylish, fitting into their lifestyle. Products of a business need to be transparent and authentic. This helps the customers realize you, as a company, are genuine and honest. And, they are more likely to add you on social media.