If they can find you, they will come

We’re often surprised to hear that the majority of our clients have never properly submitted their website site-map to a search engine. Although most major engines will automatically crawl your webpage, the difference in how those results display is easy to spot. A correctly done search engine submission will allow the search engine to see when you’ve added a page in a much shorter period of time. And, with Google, it will show your webpage results with a breakdown of your site’s structure underneath. You’ll see different sections of your site underneath the result, giving users the ability to better choose the page on your website they are more interested in.

A proper search engine submission makes a big difference

By optimizing and submitting the site-map to all of the major Search Engines – like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex – we are giving each of them an itemized breakdown of what it is exactly that your website is made up of, and where to find your content. Think of it like a detailed tourist map with all the good sights and restaurants you find in hotels across the world. Sure, without it you could discover some great places to see on your own, but it would take much longer – not to mention a lot of walking.

And more importantly, when we perform a proper search engine submission of your business website, we are also able to tell whether there any errors, issues or policy violations that can impact how your business website pages appear in search results across all the major Search Engines and work with you to fix them.