Using the power of quality content to gain traction

Link building is an important part of a strong and effective SEO strategy. Search Engines, like Google or Bing, use algorithms that look at all of the links that point to your site as good indicators of whether the content you provide is relevant to user searches. But, they don’t only look at the amount of links that point to your site, they also look at the quality of the links you receive. There are many services out there that utilize grey or even black-hat strategies to increase a websites backlink profile. These strategies are constantly being beaten by the algorithms. Google itself has made as many as 500 annual changes to its algorithm over the last few years, affecting hundreds of sites – including some very big ones. What this means is simple – there is no quick and easy way of creating backlinks which will positively affect your website’s PageRank, while playing by the rules.

Shifting towards organic link building

The growing trend in how Search Engines look at backlinks and link building points to a focus on content quality and influence as an indicator of what’s relevant for search results. At Zoom Junction, we’ve included content creation and social media engagement services because we understand that in order to ethically succeed within the search world, focus must be placed on all of the components that combine to make a strong SEO strategy. Our organic link building process incorporates and depends on our blog post and content creation services, as well as our engagement with users on Social Media, to actively pursue getting organic backlinks on a regular basis. All while playing by the rules, so that your website doesn’t end up being penalized for utilizing methods which are against Search Engine policies.