The map pin marker can do wonders for your business

Every single day, potential customers are reaching into their pocket or opening up their browser window to search for what’s around them. But instead of relying on a simple text based Google or Bing search, more and more people are switching to a variety of maps software to find what’s around them.

For mobile users especially, this is a huge new trend that underlines how important it is to make sure that your business is taking advantage of location based services to get its presence across.

Location based services help users navigate their world

Did you know that in 2013, 73% of all local searches on mobile ended in a purchase at a local business? And 27% of those searches were to find a business location, not to mention the 13% that searched in order to find driving directions.*

The mobile market is changing the way users find, learn about and decide on where to shop and find what they are looking for. With the rise in the use of location based services, it is extremely important to have your business show up on all major mapping services.

Zoom Junction does all of the leg work and puts you on the map across the three major platforms – Google Maps, Apple Maps and Bing Maps – and also submits your business to other location based databases for even more impact. You can now tap into the emerging trends and gain an advantage over your competition. Users will be able to find you by your business type, name, location and even the types of services you provide – on mobile or PC, any time, any day.

*Based on the study found within the infographic located at: