Target your audience with pinpoint accuracy

There are many ways that someone will search for any specific topic, service or product when using a search engine. From generic terms to specific requests, abstract concepts or even mis-spelled words – all are made up of keywords, the building blocks of SEO. Search engines deliver results based on what they think is the most relevant answer to the queries, and what your website contains content wise is one of the main things the search engine will be looking at.

Knowing which keywords your website needs to target, and implementing them throughout your site is the fundamental backbone of any successful SEO strategy. Since search queries – and in turn keywords – vary depending on business type, location and even demographics, it is vital that the right research and analysis is performed in order to optimize the content on your website. Knowing how your users search for terms related to your services or products means you can create or shift content to target them.

We perform rigorous search volume and location driven keyword research and analysis as part of all of our SEO services. This thorough keyword research and analysis allows our clients to not only have an in-depth understanding of the users they should be targeting, but also provide invaluable data on current market trends, conditions and positioning.

Our focus is on weighing the competitive aspect of keyword selection versus the expected volume, and taking into consideration which of the keywords are better suited for your business’ planned goals. For example, it may sometimes be more beneficial to target multiple keywords with medium volume and lower competition than to target high volume but also highly competitive ones. After all, some SEO battles are not worth fighting. We perform the research necessary to identify the keywords you are most likely to benefit from, and implement them into your SEO strategy.