The devil is in the details

Search engines look at all of your content when deciding whether your website is relevant to user queries. This means that every component – images, text, plug-ins, videos, and links – needs to be analyzed and optimized to maximize your website’s exposure and ranking across all search engine platforms. It’s an important component of a strong SEO strategy, and surprisingly, it’s one that is often ignored or done incorrectly.

Zoom Junction offers both content analysis and content optimization as part of every one our package tiers. It is an integral part of how we develop and maintain a successful online strategy for your business, and it’s one of the first tasks that we will perform. Our content analysis process audits your entire website, and makes sure all of the content fits within our strict SEO guideline policies, as well as the Webmaster Guidelines and Policies of both Google and Bing. This allows us to identify and notify you of any critical errors and issues that may be severely impacting how your website performs on search engines. We then work with you to remedy these errors or issues, making it a priority to fix them as soon as possible. In our experience, most clients negatively affected by policy violations or errors were never aware of the fact, and had been penalized and under performing because of un-optimized content.

Finally, our content analysis and optimization process also includes a thorough look at the written content on your website. We not only analyze the copy against our SEO guidelines and make changes to optimize it, but we also make recommendations on how you can improve or expand on your written content. By applying contextual and competitive analysis use cases in our recommendations, we can help you strengthen your online position within your local, regional and even national market or niche industry.