Be Searched and Being Searchable

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. By definition SEO is: “the process by which a website or web page is ranked in a search engines unpaid results”. However this definition can be a little confusing to most people as they are unfamiliar with the term.

The best way to understand something is to use a more simple analogy to solidify the logic in your mind, so we will do just that.

You know when you go to buy or browse music? Whether it be on iTunes, Spotify, or something else completely, SEO is like the top charts in your music store. It ranks songs based on how popular and relevant they are so that when you look up “Money” it shows you the song “Money” by Pink Floyd before any other song. You wouldn’t want to look up “Money” and get a song from a band you have never heard before would you?

SEO is what makes it so that when we look up “Google” we get Google’s homepage first, news for Google second, Google’s Twitter account third, and the Wikipedia article for Google fourth. It is ordered that way because when you search “Google”, you most likely want to use the Google homepage.

SEO can get their results bumped up to the top in a few main ways:

1. Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the process by which whoever is writing web content can insert certain words into their writing to get more traffic. If you have an article that includes a unique keyword, and someone searches up that keyword, it is very likely your website is going to show up higher on the results.

2. Link Building:

This is much more advanced than keyword research. If you have access to someone who runs a very popular domain, you can ask them to include your website in their web directory, therefore bumping up your website in the ranking. It is much better than sharing your website on a bunch of different websites, however it is a challenge to find the right domain.

3. High Quality Content:

Finally, the old and simple technique of writing or creating real quality content that people enjoy. The more people that go on your website means the more people who are sharing your website and the more traffic you are getting. This is almost like a snowball affect and the more traffic you get, the more people will come.

And that’s essentially it. There are hundreds of analogies everywhere on the internet that can help you gain a deeper and stronger understanding of Search Engine Optimization. If you had to sum it up: “SEO is the World Wide Web’s process of ranking websites and links based on how deserving they are of that rank. It is what allows you to get the link you want rather than something else, and it makes surfing the web much more convenient.”