See where you stand in the marketplace

If you’re a single location based brick and mortar business, you know the importance of knowing your direct local market. You also understand the importance of knowing what your most important competitors are up to on a regular basis – as overlap of promotions or choice of offering can directly impact your sales numbers. The same can be applied to the online world – except that instead of worrying about a just handful of competitors within your vicinity, you can now have competitors in other cities – or even countries – depending on what services or products you offer.

Competitive analysis allows you to understand your business’ positioning within its online markets. Knowing what your competition is implementing as part of their online strategy can give you the information needed to make the right decisions regarding your online presence. From keywords, to promotions, content and online advertising – knowing what your competition is up to can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful website or initiative.

Zoom Junction provides competitive analysis as part of our online strategy for your business. We look at both the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and use this analysis in developing your online presence and initiatives. Competitor analysis gives us the necessary data to provide you with useful advice regarding your existing website content, and helps you understand how shaping your online strategy can provide better impact and reach. And, more importantly, we look at both local, regional and international businesses that you may be competing with in the online world – because we believe that seeing the big picture makes a huge difference.