One point of contact, less confusion, more time

The more rungs there are on a ladder, the more time it takes to get to the top. Having to handle multiple companies or service providers when managing your business’ online properties equals more time spent away from focusing on the important things. It’s as simple as that. By having a single point of contact for all of your online marketing needs, we offer you savings of the one thing you always need more of: time.

When joining Zoom Junction as a client, you are assigned a dedicated digital marketing manager, whose responsibility it is to plan and run all of your online marketing initiatives. They communicate with team members and delegate tasks, make sure everything is running smoothly and report to you on a regular basis. But it doesn’t end there, their experience in the field means you have regular access to expert advice. Your dedicated digital marketing manager will be regularly analyzing performance and suggesting strategies and initiatives to implement in order to improve your online performance. This approach means you can make important decisions without the hassle of figuring out who does what and when.

What to expect

After signing up for any of our package tier levels, you’ll be contacted by your assigned digital marketing manager. They will use this first phone call to get an idea of who you are and what you do, which will help them in planning out what needs to be done. Additionally, they will provide you with a report to show you where your current website, SEO and Social Media positioning is – and work with you to develop a strategy to improve it. Every month, your dedicated digital marketing manager will get in touch with you to report on progress and advise you of any steps that must be taken to address issues or areas of focus that they’ve identified. They will also advise you on what changes or initiatives they feel will best suit your business’ success.

This single point of contact process ensures your time is being used efficiently and gets you in touch with the person who understands your online marketing initiatives through and through. It’s the Zoom Junction difference!