Focus your traffic

Landing pages are a great way of targeting both new and existing traffic to your website, as well as providing a dedicated area into to which you can steer users for conversion purposes. They can be set up as part of an ongoing advertising or promotional campaign, or to try and target specific types of searches – which increases your overall SEO.

There are two main types of landing pages: reference landings pages, and transactional landing pages. Reference landing pages provide information about a specific topic or interest. For example, a Leather Supplier might create a landing page that covers the proper way to treat and maintain leather products that they carry. Users who are searching for this topic may see the page in their search results, and from there they will discover the business and potentially interact with it. Reference landing pages serve many purposes – they can engage new users, increase your SEO rankings, strengthen existing relationships with customers, and serve as a great way to increase conversions by using CTA’s.

Transactional landing pages on the other hand focus primarily on conversions – whether direct sale or lead capture oriented. These landing pages are usually used alongside online advertising or marketing campaigns and feature a prominent call to action, such as a Click-to-Call or Form Submission. For example, if a company is running a Social Media contest, they would benefit from creating a transactional landing page on which users would complete their contest entry. By pushing the contest entry process off-site, they would be able to not only capture new leads, but also track their behaviour and movement throughout the site. This is especially important since some Social Media Platforms do not offer detailed analytics on the users that interact with your content.

At Zoom Junction, we believe that landing pages are a key component of a successful online marketing strategy, and have integrated them into each of our packages. We research, plan, create and even A / B test landing pages for your business – whether transactional or reference based – in order to optimize both your SEO ranking and conversion process, as well as part of your campaign initiatives and inbound marketing campaigns.