What is a campaign

A campaign is a creative promotion by your company that will help to drive users to your site, and help to convert sales. It’s a way to generate sales based on the way that the internet has changed buying trends online. At the core we use content to attract prospective users, new or returning, to you business.

Campaigns are becoming a vital part of online marketing.

It’s a Zoom Junction benefit that helps you connect with a user base that is actively seeking sales or services that you business to providing.

Why do you need a campaign

Not only do we build websites and strategies that focus on bringing traffic to your websites, we also build the strategies that will help you convert new as well as returning clients. We can measure our ROI by the amount of traffic that you can receive, but also we want you to succeed, so we’ve built a program that can help you acquire results online.

What are Zoom Junctions Campaigns

Designed to generate conversions online, we have 2 types of campaigns, Inbound Campaigns and Campaign Initiatives. Let your marketing manager help you design a campaign that is tailored for your business. Our strategy to help you is to listen to your needs, research your local competitors as well as global competitors and discover how we can build a unique campaign, yet one that has shown traction in the past.