Let’s start with a number. Instead of a small number let’s make that a big number, say 7.4 billion – with a “B”. This is a good number because it is relevant to your website and any number that ends in billion is going to represent a lot of opportunities; and a lot of challenges. Because marketing a responsive website offers so many different avenues it makes sense to pay attention to trends not fads. Mobile devices including phone and tablets, are the trend for web.

Are You Responsive Ready?

That number above is the number of estimated mobile phone on the planet according to research from Silicone India. A far more important trend, however, is the percentage of visits to websites from mobile devices rather than traditional laptop and desktop computers. This number grows steadily year over year and is a trend which is expected to continue until only a few visits come from the more traditional devices.

Mobile First Web Sites

Data tracking company ComScore reported in 2013 that nearly 40% of Internet traffic and online time came from mobile devices. Yet even today there are still websites which either will not display all of their content on mobile or are designed so that it is nearly impossible to view them on a mobile device. This is the equivalent of telling 40% of the population they are unwelcome in your place of business.

Responsive web design has accomplished in just a few months what years of heavier coding with all types of languages was only able to do in part. Now, because of HTML 5, AJAX and other scripting technologies using special queries to determine not only device type but also screen resolution and orientation, we are able to produce media rich website that view properly across all devices.

Growing Numbers of Mobile Only Users

Like many predictions the ones about mobile use and the internet is coming and has already come true. Trends indicate that in just a couple of years we will surpass the 60% mark of web traffic coming from mobile only. Even sitcoms and YouTube videos are already aware of the trend and often show crowds of people all looking at their smart phones instead of each other.

Because data rates are poised to grow for the mobile market, in fact Verizon just announced they will be omitting certain music providers from their data count, growth in the mobile ready marketing world is really poised to explode. When there are multiple businesses in the same category and in the same geographic area the ones who are mobile optimized and prepared to deliver their content to mobile users will be the immediate winners.

Optimizing For Mobile

Business owners who already have websites which were professionally coded within the previous couple of years may only need to have their development revisited for changes. While it involves varying levels of intensity behind the scenes to achieve it may be possible to convert an existing site to mobile. In other cases it may be more expedient and cost-worthy to simply redesign with mobile first in mind.

Building for mobile first from scratch may bring new life, and new business, to an existing presentation. Sites which are optimized for mobile can take advantage of several different device and media queries which allow the website to deliver much more specific information to the viewer. Imagine if a user finds your website through a search and you tell them exactly how far away they are and give them a shortcut to your location! These are the exciting new opportunities presented only on highly optimized mobile websites. There are many ways to lose the mobile war, but only one way to win: mobile web optimization is the way to go.

Photo Credit: Flickr user Pavlina JaneCC BY-SA 2.0