Zoom Junction Annual Agreement and Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Zoom Junction as your online marketing provider and taking advantage of our promotional offer. Before we can begin building you an incredible website and get started on your services, we’d like you to go over our Annual Agreement and our Terms and Conditions and verify that you agree with them.


By taking advantage of our promotional offer, you are agreeing to a one year (12 month) term service agreement with Zoom Junction at the package level of your choosing. You are free to switch package levels at any time during your one year term, just let us know and we will apply a package upgrade or downgrade on your next invoice.

Included in the promotion is our Turnkey Website service, valued at $2000. As part of this promotional offer, you understand that Zoom Junction is providing you its Turnkey Website service as described on the “WEBSITE PAGE LINK” at no additional cost with a one year (12 month) term service agreement. In the event that you wish to cancel your Annual Agreement with Zoom Junction before your one year term ends, you agree to pay Zoom Junction a cancellation fee of $2000 (plus any applicable taxes), which is equal to the value of our Turnkey Website.