In the world of online marketing, visibility in the search engine results is key, and because of this fierce competition, it would take more than search engine optimization (SEO) to win. Although many are still on the defensive when it comes to considering additional online artillery like pay per click (PPC) or Google Adwords, chances are one or all of their competitors already beat them to it.

Pay Per Click Marketing – Get Real Leads and Grow Your Business

Pay-per-click such as Google Adwords matter to the “big guys” – the large multi-national corporations because they have statistically been proven to generate revenue. In fact, top luxury brands and health insurance advertisers shell out a lot of their funds to be allotted for paid online advertisements like PPC. Paid search ads are the future of online marketing, and authorities like the Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that these ads account for almost forty percent of the total Internet advertising revenue in the first semester of 2014.

However, aside from the fact that paid search solutions like Google Adwords are proven to be significant revenue-generators, there is also practical consideration why pay-per-click advertisements should be utilized by large-scale and small-scale businesses alike. It all boils down to two important things: control and visibility. PPC marketing gives you as much power as a businessman online as you do outside of it.

grow your business with pay per click marketing

With that in mind, here are five practical reasons for using pay-per-click advertisements:

#1 Pay Per Click Marketing is Straightforward.

Paid search advertisements like those offered by Google Adwords work simply: you only pay when someone actually clicks on the advertisement. In this manner, you know precisely where each dollar of your money is going, which is so unlike a traditional offline advertisement, where thousands or millions of money are paid in the hopes that maybe the advertisement would reach the business’s target market.

#2 Pay-per-click Advertising is Flexible.

PPC advertisement providers such as Google Adwords give the businessman a lot of freehand in dictating the budget allotment and controlling costs. A daily cap can be enforced; allowing you to monitor daily spending, and this cap could also be increased or decreased anytime.

#3 Reach Target Consumers at the Right Place, at the Right Time.

If you want to target a person in a particular time at a particular place, PPC’s location targeting technology and delivery options allow the delivery of very precise messages or advertisements to your target consumer.

#4 Paid Search Marketing is faster than Organic Search.

Organic search traffic is very important when it comes to long-term website marketing. However, PPC can show return-of-investment results much faster than the long-cycled organic search system. For example, data and results from PPC campaigns can be released on a monthly or even a weekly basis.

#5 Pay per click Data Helps Improve SEO.

With the fast release of data results in paid search advertisements like those by Google Adwords, PPC will be able to tell which keywords or phrases are effective in reaching the targeted audience of the advertisements. PPC marketing can also be used in introducing new products and gauging audience reception.

PPC marketing does not in any way reject the importance of other online marketing methods. However, what other online advertising methods have failed to do, chances are PPC marketing could succeed on.