Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

There is a lot of information, and a lot of blogs, and more everyday. Here are 12 marketing blogs that you should be following for tips, tricks and advice on online marketing and online marketing trends. Each blog here has thoughtful content, and good content, but by no means is this all there is. Just a good starting point.

#1 Jeff Bullas Blog

This publication is aimed towards assisting readers with SEO and marketing. Through blog posts, the readers grasp a thorough understanding of marketing tactics, social media marketing and how to develop a marketing campaign. Readers can find out how to optimize their blog posts—in turn, this action is going to pay it forward, giving the blog owner a firmer footing with a stronger, more loyal readership and increased ad revenue.

#2 Social Examiner

This blog focuses on content marketing and assisting writers in developing strong marketing techniques. Many of its blog posts circle around social media marketing. It focuses on marketing and optimizing ads for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. In addition, it shows the reader how to build their tribe and get more readers to their content.

#3 Search Engine Watch

Those that want to boost their SEO will want to read Search Engine Watch. This publication is directly devoted to search engines. It has the latest news concerning SEO, social media and marketing. There are fantastic articles of how to market your content, while you make it more accessible to readers. In fact, this blog is going to help you find your tribe and double or triple its size. It’s going to get you in front of more eyes—really, there are so many great ideas here.

#4 Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is a blog for those serious about their writing. This blog strictly focuses on getting your content “out there” where people can locate it. They focus on the how and why of marketing, verifying for the reader why it is so important. And, what I like most about this blog, is that they make themselves credible through research. They have done their homework and bring you the best of the best.

#5 MailChimp Blog

If you’re into email marketing, you want to check out Mailchimp. This blog focuses on how to engage customers through electronic mail. They cover many topics, but e-mail list management and multivariate testing are a few you’ll frequently see here. They also have a lot of posts on how can manage your email marketing for busy events, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It’s a must-read, even if you want to just explore this type of marketing.

#6 Vidyard Blog

While there are all types of marketing, Vinyard focuses on marketing that is streamed through video. This marketing should capture your viewer’s attention in a matter of seconds. Vinyard gives many helpful techniques on how to find your audience, how to keep your audience and—probably most important—how to keep them coming back. Readers can find posts on storyboarding, podcasting and how to create a powerful video. Other blog posts cover imagery and marketing tips. It’s a fantastic blog to read for anyone wanting to take marketing to the next level.

#7 AimClear Blog

Throughout the AimClear blog, readers are going to find a wide variety of content. There’s posts on SEO and social media marketing. It’s easy to read posts of how to get into the search engines and rise above on top. In addition, readers are going to enjoy posts that discuss video marketing or e-mail marketing. Throughout this blog, just about anyone can find something they can relate to with their marketing strategy. It’s a must-read for everyone.

#8 Buffer App Blog

Buffer Blog aims its content to those readers that enjoy social media marketing. These are advertisers that often find a home on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and so forth for their products. Many of their posts are centered on one specific type of social media, comparing it to something else, such as the latest features for Snapchat or Twitter. The content on this blog is fresh and unique; anyone that reads it will come back time and again.

#9 CopyBlogger

There are two sides of Copyblogger. The first side focuses on anything writing. It covers writing headlines, misused words and content creation. Then, the second side is the content marketing. It offers useful tips on how to get your content out there in front of your tribe (your audience) and make it stick. There are a lot of really fantastic posts on this blog, teaching readers how to build their marketing strategy from the ground up. It’s a must-read blog.

#10 Unbounce Blog

If you’re new to marketing, you’re going to want to check out this blog. It’s for advertisers of any level, showing them how to market from the ground up. I like this blog because it starts with the basics—teaching you about SEO and AdWords. It also covers why branding your product is so vitally important. In addition, it covers all types of advertising. It covers digital advertising, such as e-mail newsletters or advertising through pop-ups, for instance. Other topics covered are landing pages and ad campaigns.

#11 Duct Tape Marketing Blog

You want SEO? With this blog, you will have SEO! While this blog focuses on SEO, a majority of its content also focuses on blog writing. This would be a terrific blog for anyone that is starting out or new to marketing. For instance, they explain thoroughly to readers how to schedule their first blog post. They also cover topics such as public speaking, organic search traffic, visitor growth, web design and business advertisements. What I really enjoy is that they use graphics, such as charts, to help their points. It’s a hands-on blog that all readers must check out.

#12 Marketing Land

And, here we have saved the best for last. Marketing Land is a blog for anyone that is interesting in increasing sales with their products. This blog has literally all their bases covered. You’re going to find digital marketing topics such as SEO, social media marketing and e-mail newsletters. There’s also guides, columns and technology news to keep up-to-date on. And that’s the tip of the iceberg, really. They also have information on content marketing, how to enhance advertisements and the latest marketing techniques. This is a must-read blog for all in the industry.